Files added from local folders are not added to queue

Android version: 9.0

Device model: Redmi Note 7

AntennaPod 2.3

Expected behaviour:
Set the downloaded episodes to be added to queue.
Add a new podcast as a local folder with files in it

Current behaviour:
Episodes within the folder are added to the podcast in AntennaPod
But episodes are not added to the queue.
As there seems to be know feature to add “all episodes” to the queue, this needs each local folder-based podcast to be added to the queue manually :frowning:

Thank you


I think it would be pretty unexpected to flood the queue with episodes when adding a local folder. You can use the multi-select feature to add them to the queue.

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Maybe I got it wrong, but local folders are supposed to be already downloaded files (with another app), aren’t they? As there are downloaded and as I have checked the “Add to queue upon download” setting, I was expecting all episodes to be added to the queue automatically.
As well as the next files I will be adding to the local folder, right?

You are mentionning a multi-select feature that could be useful, I agree. But where is it? I can’t find it in the All Episodes list. Yes, there is one in the Podcast episodes list, but I have 200 folders like this, I won’t go in every folder to add it to the queue (and the queue is the only place where all episodes can be sorted, multi-selected, searched, etc…all features that could be useful in any episodes list).

Local Folders is a really appealing feature, and I’m looking forward to using AntennaPod which is full of wonders :slight_smile: Yet, for the moment, it just seems it lacks some key features before it can actually be used to migrate a large downloaded podcasts collection to AntennaPod (like importing 200 local podcast folders in one time, multiselect in the All episodes view to add them to the queue). I’ll have to wait, I guess, or have I missed anything? :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway for all the work already done!

Maybe after adding a folder as a podcast source AntennaPod could propose to add all files to queue or / and point out to user if he wants only some files added that he need to do it manually ?

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So you’re migrating from another podcast app to AntennaPod? Different discussion, but I’m thinking: wouldn’t it be cool to have a ‘migrator’? I reckon it’d take quite some effort and maybe should exist as a separate tool, but allowing people to ‘import’ their stuff from (or create an AP database off of a database from) e.g. PodcastAddict or Podbean would be cool.

Well, maybe they weren’t downloaded by another app, maybe they’re a collection of files you copied from your computer. So it is a bit of semantics, but one could argue that it currently works as expected.

But I like @Matth78’s proposal.

That’s being worked on :slight_smile:

So you’re migrating from another podcast app to AntennaPod?

Yes and no, let me explain :slight_smile: (sorry in advance for being verbose)

I manage all my podcasts on my PC, using the powerful capabilities on MusicBee. That is because it is easier to manipulate/manage 100ths of podcast subscriptions that way, and also because I listen to some of those episodes directly on the PC. Then, I sync numerous selected episodes towards my phone, where I’ve been using Rocket Player to listen to them so far. This “Sync” operation is similar to a “download” action to the phone. And all these files end up in their local folders, on per podcast, on the phone.

It was my understanding, and maybe I was wrong, that a podcast folder in AntennaPod would act as a real podcast feed with the only difference that all existing episodes would be considered as downloaded already (via another app, MusicBee here), and all new episodes would be considered as downloaded as well. Then all the rules based on download like “add to queue” would apply, either when creating the new Local Folder-based podcast or when adding new files to the Local Folder outside of the app.

Maybe there could be a setting in the app, like “Consider all files in Local Folders as downloaded episode”?
This would allow for both migration and later podcast update by addition of new files to the folder by an other app.
Yet an initial “migration tool” but for Local Folders specifically would still be useful to create podcasts for SEVERAL Local Folders in one time :slight_smile:

The “migrator” you are considering would not be useful to me as I am not managing my podcast with PodcastAddict on the phone itself as I explained. But for most of PodcastAddict users it would be a nice way to bring them to AntennaPod.

Well, maybe they weren’t downloaded by another app, maybe they’re a collection of files you copied from your computer. So it is a bit of semantics, but one could argue that it currently works as expected.

Actually, as I explained, in my case they have been downloaded at some point in time, only in another app on another device (the PC), therefore one could argue that they should be considered as already downloaded episodes :wink: The above setting would allow to handle both cases, the one you’ve described and the one I’m referring to.

That’s being worked on

That is very good news indeed, thanks :slight_smile:

So, to sum up, Local Folder is an outstanding feature, and with some “little” things like considering files as “already downloaded” and allowing to create several podcasts from a batch of folders (like for each folder just below a main folder), it would be perfect (to me, at least :wink: ).

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I expected to see the “Local folder” episodes added to queue automatically.
I’m using JustCast to create a fake feed of my dropbox folder (I’ve created the feed before this feature was added to antennapod), but I would like to drop JustCast and use the local folder instead.

I can’t fully understand if this issue has been solved/worked in the past months. If not, please consider to manage the local folder as a normal podcast whose episodes have to be added to the queue automatically.

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