Hackathon: Podcasting 2.0 / Podcast Namespace

I have no coding skills but I’m quite enthusiastic about Podcasting 2.0 initiative (Podcast Index & Podcast Namespace)

What Podcasting 2.0 is about

In very short, as I noted elsewhere:

I would love to have a special ‘track’ of the AntennaPod Hackathon dedicated to Podcasting 2.0. There’s already a couple of Podcast Namespace tags supported and there’s a couple of requests on GitHub.

Here’s a full list of formally adopted tags. A personal favourite would be the Value tag, as it’s kinda the core of the initiative, but I realise it’s rather super complicated. Other nice tags would be Chapter, Recommendations (though still under discussion) and Trailer/Person (on a shared third place).

@tonytamsf, you already implemented some tags. You up to get involved with this? :innocent:

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Yes, i will sign up for this. There is also episode search that i am interested in

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The value tag seems horrific to me and extremely insecure (or rather intrusive if I have to enter a PIN each time I listen to an episode), don’t really see the upside compared to smth like patreon, where you can fund for each episode automatically or voluntarily.
Not so sure that’s the future (guess it also depends on how much you believe in crypto as an actual currency).

The person tag is really cool, of course most names are in the title if they’re guests so an episode search might suffice, but still, cool idea (if podcasters actually use it).

I don’t see why it would be horrific or insecure, but a discussion on that is not the point of this thread so I’ll refrain from replying with arguments :speak_no_evil: Maybe we can have a discussion during the Hackathon :wink:

As for this:

That’s very true, as for the whole Podcast Namespace. But its very much a :chicken: vs :egg: story. So whether developers want to spend time on something that might not work out in the end is entirely up to each individual :slight_smile:

You’re right, so btt: in the spec a “compatible app” is referenced that handles the actual payments, is there even an app that does that? AP certainly shouldn’t implement crypto trading, should it? (Looking at you Signal :-1:)
I guess if there where it wouldn’t be that hard, AP just would have to send out broadcasts or smth to the payment app, I guess that could be implemented - even if only in the spirit of a prove of concept…if there are already podcasts that have this tag (I wouldn’t do it though, because I don’t really like the idea and don’t own any crypto money).

Yeah, there are a few that support the Value tag according to newpodcastapps.com. Podfriend is a PWA, so not sure that’s relevant to us. I think the best example would be Breez (which I have installed and could use, but I want to keep all my listening progress in one app :slight_smile: ) In fact, the Breez owner/maintainer/initiator allegedly (PC 2.0 Ep 35 @ 00:10:59 said that he would be happy for Breez (code) to be used in the background as a white label service for dealing with payments and stuff (though native, it’s not written in Java). If anyone would be interested in making the integration happen from AntennaPod’s code perspective, I’d be happy to see if we can get them on board.

Huh, what did I miss? Searching I only found an article that they now accepting crypto donations, you wouldn’t be referring to that, are you?

Interesting, if they have an kind of API and AP could send smth to that service, that might actually be feasible!

EDIT: contacted the developer and it’s not possible to interface breeze, it’s actually kind of elaborate and of course it’s not that easy to send money or even stream it, but he said it might be feasible to have a donate button in AP that could open breez that then could handle the payment based on the podcast:value tag
So the real question is, does anyone want to work on this? (its probably not that much work, of course the value tag needs to be parsed and a donation button placed somewhere, and then just a simple intent send to breez, the developer would be up to integrate on his part - other than that it’s rather a debate about if we want to have something like this in AP, I don’t care for it, but @keunes seems to)

Off-topic on Signal

Thanks for sharing that video. It’s thorough but a bit clickbaity at the same time. There’s the missing server updates, supposedly to handle spam better, and the GH thread being closed. And there’s the beta testing with a crypto with some dangerous characteristics. Both together it’s enough to be wary of Signal’s way forward, but not enough to disregard the project and delete Signal again (IMHO).

Could you share (privately) the contact you had with them? I’d be curious to see what exactly they said. The gist of the reply surprises me somewhat, given the podcast fragment I shared earlier.

And on a side note: if anyone is enquiring on something for (the benefit of) AntennaPod it’d be great if it could be announced in advance (like I did) and done in the open or with the project’s functional mailbox in CC, so the project leads are aware of what’s going on :slight_smile: (especially if you’re not interested in implementation, I would say)

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I opened an issue on github, but he suggested to communicate via email, so 🤷

ok, well, just for next time feel free to mention ByteHamster or me on GitHub or add info at antennapod domain in CC :slight_smile:

@mavek Just pinging you because you had created Podcast Index namespace work. And @Marshcast and @benjaminbellamy because you were active in that thread.

Thanks for the ping.

I don’t know if I can get free for the hackathon. However I have been getting my podcast feed podcasting 2.0 ready, I know some people are using it for debug purposes.

My area of interest are:


I would love to see if location or person search could be done in antennapod.

The value tag is getting everyone very frothy, however the load/liability it places on the podcatcher is not trivial.

However getting people to show their appreciation would be huge and I think there is a path for the podcatcher to get a cut. Adam Curry describes it as value 4 value.


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Just a ping to @mavek also that I’ve shared in the ‘main’ thread the following:

Podcast 2.0 chapter support is currently up for testing support for podcast 2.0 chapters by tonytamsf · Pull Request #5630 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub


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