Headset button's multiple push

Please could you add some more function to wired headset button? Similar to what is done in Listening Audiobook Player. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.acmeandroid.listen&hl=en&gl=US
They describe this feature as
“Headset button user defined actions (1x to 6x clicks)”.
Most of all I am interested in rewinding back and forth (to skip ads) with that button, without groping for the phone, especially at night. And with a good pause between pushes, not less than 0.6 seconds. It will be very much appreciated by users, I am sure.


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I think if this gets implemented, it would be great to be able to customise this (e.g. two clicks to mark as favourite, three to skip).

And the usual disclaimer:

AntennaPod is developed by volunteers in our free time. While some developers have started implementing the feature, nobody has brought it to completion, yet. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a lot of movement, recently. If you can write code or know someone who can, we are always happy about help :slight_smile:


This already works for normal Bluetooth headphones, there is a issue is you only use the left one and normally double click left is back, but then it does forward, but that’s the same in all apps so I believe this is a issue of the headphones or rather a side effect of mono use.

Double click on a one-button headset? Stop/start, nothing more.

Maybe this is due to the hardware? did you try other apps? did you try another (newer) headset?

It’s not a BT headset I use, but otherwise it is new as it can be. And it works perfectly with Listen Audiobook Player (up to 6 consecutive clicks) or, say, MaBook player (4 clicks). Antenna just has no such feature. It’s about the same reason why I came here from Podcast Republic. There I couldn’t even restart sleep timer with the headset button. Wouldn’t be bad, by the way, to allow playing one episode after another directly from this or that podcast, without enqueueing them. Anyway, one is always in a mood to listen to a specific podcast, so that’s a rightful starting point. Podcast Republic allows that option, Antenna Pod doesn’t. But that’s a minor drawback. I just put into queue about 30 or 40 episodes of my favorite podcasts at a time.

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Yup, that’d be nice. And it’s been requested before on GitHub, where development of AntennaPod happens :slight_smile:

It seems nobody cares about our requests. And I am just a brick layer, can’t code myself. Can only say what I need and what is quite obvious and logical to me. Okay, there always remains the option of downloading podcasts with any application and playing them by a decent player with all the necessary features.

There are limited coders and those coders have paying jobs that come first. Some probably have family.


What was the idea to start this project at all, then, if it is too difficult to provide an option of resuming playing by 10 seconds earlier after the pause?

You know that you don’t have to use AntennaPod, right? :wink: You did not pay anything for AntennaPod - why do you even complain? Feel free to search for another podcast app that is ad-free, also does not track you and has a similar number of features - good luck.

AntennaPod automatically rewinds a few seconds depending on how long the episode was paused. Have a look at the documentation website for more details.

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I noticed it, but it is just a second or two, not enough to catch up with what I missed right now. And why not let me choose how long that period is depending on what I wish instead of how long the pause is. And, by the way, to choose how long the sleep timer is dimming off, instead of strict 15 seconds. Who do you make this application for, anyway, users or coders?

Thank you for your antention :slightly_smiling_face: I made all the requests I had on my mind.

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