Issues with resuming podcast via Media Player notification

App version: 3.2.0 (58081fe5b) (Google Play)

Android version: 14 (crdroid custom ROM; but this issue has been present on regular MiUI as well before I flashed the ROM)

Device model: Poco F4 5G

Expected behaviour: When a podcast is paused in the background for a while, pressing Play via the Media Player in the notification shade should play the podcast immediately. Ideally the app should have around 5-10 seconds of audio ready to play.

Current behaviour: Pressing play in the media player only visually shows that the action has been taken, but the podcast doesn’t actually start playing until you open the app and press play on the media player. Plus, the buffering increases if using Bluetooth headphones.

First occurred: 1 Year ago

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pause playback.
  2. Play something else on YouTube or any other app that also uses the media player for a minute or so. Keep AP open in the background and don’t touch anything about it during this time.
  3. Now close YouTube or whatever app you used.
  4. Navigate to the AP Media Player notification in the notification shade and press play.

Environment: I usually use Bluetooth headphones while listening to podcasts, and I do actually switch between various media sources such as YouTube, Spotify, etc.

Screen Recording: (unable to share video file)


This has already been written up as a bug…

See these previous posts about it as well…



I have the same problem. For me the best workaround i found was to place the AntennaPod Tile in the quick actions menu at the top. It works everytime for me. The media control maybe every 5 times.

Sorry if I’m spamming guys:

Yes me too, are you also getting the the play/pause and back and forward track buttons tiny and in a row? (ie the old style one)

I have this issue also