Next community call!

Hi all

I joined FOSDEM yesterday and today and it was/is really nice to engage with others, both in live-chat and the calls (after the talks).

That made me think: our Hackathon was really quite nice as well. We said we’d be interested in doing that again.

So, should we schedule another get-together? Maybe this time we can do a community call of 1-1,5 hour, instead of booking a whole weekend with multiple meetings.

If people are up for it, I’m happy to help again with setting it up. I was thinking we can maybe schedule it for the last week of the month?

So, let me know! Would you be interested to join? When meeting, which topics would you like to discuss?



Last week of this month would practically be next week?

Correct :slight_smile:
There were some hearts but no text replies so wasn’t sure if I should move ahead. But I think it’d still be nice. We can set up a poll for a date/time (I guess planning it for next week isn’t too late yet?).


Apologies that for not adding text. Didn’t think I had anything to add. Your original post seemed to be fairly complete regard to the most important stuff.

Next week could be a bit too close in time to meaningfully set up a poll now. Would it not be more appropriate to suggest a date and time? Maybe locking in on Saturday the 26:th? Most forum users and active contributors appear to be in European timezones. Does anyone know whether someone from Asia/Pacific or the Americas is likely to drop by?

Where did you meet for the hackathon? Would the same platform work well for this community call?

Could you @keunes be moderating during the call? It seems appropriate given the respect people have for you, and your role in the community.

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I am available to join a call. I am in PST ( San Francisco)

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Thanks for your replies - good to get explicit confirmation :slight_smile:

Good idea just proposing a Date @cos. Given @tonytamsf’s and ‘our’ timezones, I was thinking of 09:00 PST / 18:00 CET. Would that work for people? We could also do it a bit earlier, if this interferes with people’s dinner :plate_with_cutlery: or day :sun_behind_small_cloud: time.

For the Hackathon we used (a jitsi instance), which we can use again :slight_smile: I will create a meeting room.

Happy to moderate. Any topics/ (GH) issues anyone would like to discuss?


Since I’m new, and this being my first community call attendance, I’m intentionally avoiding trying to steer the agenda. My hope is that this will be a an opportunity to strengthen the community.

What would you say the AntennaPod Team’s ideas are regarding the purpose and goal of the call?

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Hi @ByteHamster @tonytamsf @Matth78 @mavek @cos @ChronoTriggered, and all that did not (yet) like any message here but might be interested in joining :slight_smile:

I just added the event to the first post in this thread, so we can add it more easily to our calendars & get a reminder. (Please do speak out if you think the 1.5 hr is too long - I wasn’t really sure about it.)

In terms of what to discuss, @cos kindly drew up a draft agenda:

  • Opening: Who’s here? A round of quick introductions around the table.
  • Bits from the AntennaPod Team.
  • Any Pull Requests, GitHub Issues, Translations or forum Threads to address.
  • Open agenda / Other topics
  • Closing: What’s next?

In terms of PRs/GH issues/Translation comments/Forum threads etc to discuss: As noted in the Mark episode(s) as NEW thread, I think that one would be a good candidate to go over again.

But that’s just my idea. Please do bring up other points you would like to bring up, now or in the meeting! (If you already have an idea please share it here now, so those that want to have a bit of time to read up/think about it.)

In terms of other topics, I would love to get everyone’s input on community building. It’s something we’re trying to do, also with this call of course, but feedback & ideas from the community will surely be very helpful :slight_smile:

See you all online, hopefully!


I think I can be available even though I am not too sure I will be of much help. Still I am always interested to express myself or to rant! :wink:
And please all, excuse me for my pronunciation which is terrible as you will heard :sweat:


Should we announce this somewhere, eg. on Twitter?

Not sure - it could be nice, but on the other hand I’d rather chat with already engaged people than completely new people who aren’t engaged in any way otherwise. Talking of which - is there a way for us to send a notification to all forum members (e.g. those who have logged in the past 4 months or so)?

:+1: Good idea pinning the topic

Hmm I would be pretty annoyed if a forum suddenly used my email address for announcements/newsletters without my consent.

[quote=“tonytamsf, post:5, topic:1697”]I
am available to join a call. I am in PST ( San Francisco

Sorry, changes to my plans. I will miss this call. Next time!

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Hello everyone,

We just concluded our first ever community call (after the hackathon last year). It was great to see others again and meet a new person!

After a round of introductions we started off with some updates about the project. We discussed the progress towards the release of 2.5, where @ByteHamster also shared how he typically decides when the new version comes out of beta (in short: a mix of time availability and number/type of bugs in the latest beta). The second ‘news’ was about the release of the French version of the website which is about to happen tomorrow.

Then we moved to a discussion about the episode states from the other thread. There I believe the conclusion was that the previously proposed update to the states (renaming ‘New’ which may be misleading and introducing an ‘Ignored’ state) could be OK, but that we need to consider also the use-case of adding a new podcast. Currently, when adding a podcast, old episodes would not be all marked as New/Inbox which is problematic for serial podcasts that you want to listen from the beginning.

There was also some discussion on whether the new states (upgrade of the New screen) should be done before/after or together with tackling Autodownload improvements - no real conclusion there. In any case we’re all volunteers and working based on our interest, so we’ll have to see how it evolves :slight_smile: (There already is a PR for the states & upgraded New screen, but there’s some edge cases that cause issues.)

The last 20 minutes or so we discussed about community development, and particularly (online) meetings: how they could engage existing contributors, encourage one-time contributors to come back, or activate interested regular users to become more active in some shape or form. There were ideas for different formats (like community calls, hackathons, user forums) and frequencies.

In the end we decided to give a monthly schedule a try. Some of these meetings can have a specific focus and a different name to appeal to a different audience. Given the frequency we’ll keep them to an hour. After a while we can reflect if it woks nice or if we want to try something different. The goal is that the community feels engaged and confident enough so that not all core contributors feel like they should contribute to and join all meetings. And we should announce dates & times more in advance so it’s easier for people to join.

So, to that end, we decided to already agree to pick the day for the next call, and then check in with others for the exact time. But more on that in the new forum thread that we’ll create for it! :slight_smile:


Having a predictable and regularly scheduled call could work well. I like the way this open source project runs their regular community meetings. They have user meetings and contributors meetings when they found they had enough interests.


oh welp I actually missed this xD Be sure to tag me again next time something like this happens. I had email notifications disabled so, RIP


Hi all,

As written above, I was going to create a new thread to announce the next call. But I was hesitating whether to create one thread per call or follow the example of Open Source Design and create a single thread for all calls. Then I was thrown off by the invasion of Ukraine. And when I had a week on my own to play around with stuff I ended up spending it on upgrading my Raspberry Pi server and migrating my native Nextcloud instance to a Docker-based one.

The idea, IIRC, was: every Saturday the last week of the month. That would’ve been this weekend. That obviously didn’t happen – sorry for that.

I’ll create a new thread for the community calls now. And as the specific week-in-month doesn’t really matter (whether last or another week) I’ll go for the second week of the month. So that we have enough time until the next one :slight_smile:


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