Swipe gestures configuration

App version: 3.1.2 (Google Play Store)

Android version: 9.x (Android go-Edition)

Device model:


OS version: 4.4.146+
Model: W-K510-EEA
Device: W-K510
Product: W-K510-EEA

No crash report recorded

Current behaviour: Can not configure swipe-gestures

First occurred: Since AP v3.x.x

Steps to reproduce:
See Screenshot

Hello kind AP-Team,

i am not able to configure ALL swipe-gestures anymore, see screenshot. Only left-swipe ist configurable and some selectable actions are truncated. Right-swipe configuration disappeared since v3.x.x.
Predefined factory settings working. Flawless.

Short remark: I changed Androids global font-setting from Normal to Larger. Perhaps the reason for my described issue?
What do you think and/or what does fix/solve that issue?

Kind regards.

You may be able to confirm the answer to your own question. If you switch the font size back to normal does the issue go away?

I had to modify a second setting. Since then swipe-gestures configuration does work as designed.

Thank you, Nilex.
Kind regards.

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