Monthly community call!

We had another community call yesterday, with 7 folks in the room. We made a bit of an introduction round, as we had a couple of new folks!

  • Paul & his wife shared, after thanking everybody for the great work, some feedback about the queue displaying days:hours (instead of hours:minutes) (issue #6799) - which will be fixed in the next version.
  • They also noted that the ‘skip silence’ feature is maybe a bit too aggressive/strong - which someone happens to be working on (#6903)! We discussed that maybe not just the remaining silence (currently 20ms, to be 50ms) should be adjusted, but also the threshold (cut-down only happens if silence of 150ms or more). Maybe we should give the user the option between ‘normal’ (300ms threshold & remaining gap) vs ‘strong’ (100ms threshold & 50 remaining gap). To be discussed further!
  • Nikhil introduced themselves as well; they’re a developer and discovered the project just 2 days ago (hadn’t used the app yet). They were asking what to pick up, so we suggested the ‘Good first issue’ list.
  • @and4po joined us again as well, and asked for an update of releasing the Catalan translations. Yours truly had it on the list, but forgot about it. Now I’ll show @femmdi how to do that, so he can move ahead and I’m no longer slowing things down here.
  • @TDevelopbit chipped in again also. We confirmed that an exploration of the automated tests of the app would be helpful. Some parts of the website (especially those linked from the app) could benefit from automated tests as well, but not really a priority.
  • I shared some happy news: AntennaPod reached 150k Monthly Active Users via Google Play! That is: so many people opened our app at least once in 28 days. (Though we suspect, without being able to know, that this number is higher for F-Droid installs.)
  • Lastly, we concluded that we probably have enough stuff to release a new version (3.3). @ByteHamster will prepare the beta.

It was a fruitful one. Thanks everyone for joining!